Rorschach Wings

I’m gonna try to do 100 push ups a day from here on just so I can build a bit of muscle

"Why can’t you blacks just take a joke" Fuck you! Like I’m supposed to just laugh and smile when you insult and harass me.

You know what I’m sick of? White dude pulling “pranks” on black guys and wanna act like they’re the victim when shit goes wrong. I swear all they do is try to paint black guys in a negative light like its our fault when does some stupid shit to us.


twit doodles 03

”..only the strong survive..”


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Cutie husbandos for Abakkus \o/


Cutie husbandos for Abakkus \o/

I’ve lived in Texas for about 10 years and yet I have no accent. I’ve got this weird sorta proper sorta geeky voice lol mainy its just deep

Hell, Texas: Patterson Road Bridge by MadMothMIKO

In the city of Houston, Texas the city in which I live there is a bridge with the left behind remnants of the Civil War. It haunted by the many men who lost their lives in battle, the many buried in nearby cemeteries, and the lost and forgotten who died while driving through it. It has a history of having a rather inordinate amount of car crashes many minor and many fatal. Apparition spotting vary from person to person if you stop your car you will hear tapping at your window doors as if something is beckoning you to open your doors to it. The transparent ghost of soldiers lost during the war both Confederate and Union marching alongside the bridge to a destination they will never reach. The many lives lost whilst attempting to traverse the bridge in their cars so unsuspecting and innocent. Is it really just a harmless bridge or a gateway to place outside this world? Be careful when driving along this bridge. You may enter into Patterson Road though it is uncertain if you will ever leave it.