Rorschach Wings

I had a rope tied around my neck several time and both times I have tried to commit suicide…its an unbearable feeling that takes and takes and gives nothing but negativity back. Still thinking about now i feel those same lost, hurt, and lonely feelings. I still go through depression and suicidal thoughts and its painful because it feels like you could slip way and vanish and feel as though no one will ever notice. I cycle between “im okay” to “I wish I have died that day” frequently and its horrible because you wish you could be happy and just be okay but its so persistent that even when you do feel a semblance of happiness it still lingers bringing you down….

Going through suicidal thoughts is painful why make people feel worst about it?

I hate when people say “Suicide is for cowards” because invalidates those who go through those thoughts everyday and makes those who have attempted such fell guilty and further burden them….seriously as someone who has attempted such I want to stop making me feel down about a situation that I was already at my worst ….

Sept. 1 3:42 pm


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