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  • Seeing male artist go “females submit your nudes and get free art”. Bruh are you sure you don’t want water instead? Might I offer you a refreshing beverage for your thirst.


    Recently I was put into an abusive situation, which left me with an apartment I can barely afford... the boyfriend was the only one who was able to bring food into the house and I desperately need help getting food.... He was arrested the day we were supposed to pick up groceries so there is absolutely no food in my house.... I don't have friends in the area and unfortunately I have one of the cheapest apartments in my area as well...
    I need to raise money quickly so I can buy groceries. I will be sharing this post on my art account as well please reblog or help me get by donating even a couple pennies or a dollar!
    In action to the donations I will set up milestones. I've noticed there are alot of people who Are doing sailor moon stuff so I can set milestones for that. I'm only looking to raise 60 dollars, 100 max.
    Milestone 1: 10$ Sailor mercury (sfw)
    2: 20$ Sailor Venus (sfw)
    3: 30$ Sailor Mars (nsfw and sfw)
    4: 40$ Sailor Pluto (nsfw and sfw)
    5: 50$ Sailor earth (nsfw)
    6: 60$ Sailor Moon
    Anything I get above 60$ will set a sting of both sfw and nsfw arts of multiples of the sailor scouts. If i manage to raise 100, i will make something even more special!
    Donate here:
    Reblog if possible!!!

    My neighbors in the next apartment are moving this month and Ive been wondering whose gonna fill the unit since these apartment sell quickly. I hope they are nice, kind, and quiet folk.

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    At 25K follows I want to start doing Artist Interviews and Music reviews but there is still something I need to do. 1) Figure out the best method of approaching the interview: Since its all witten i need a place to archive the original conversations, What programs that is best for all artist I wish to interview, and how to approach asking question that don’t come typical. 2) Requiring signs which I which I will add to each Music Review and Artist Interview.

    Much work to be done ><

    Going to work regularly starts making you feel like your in school..then you start panicking at 10 o’clock about unfinished homework you were supposed to do then hits you like “oh….yeah”

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